Welcoming Jetpac’s New Executive Director

Welcoming Jetpac’s New Executive Director

We’re very excited to welcome Mohammed Missouri as our new Executive Director! Mohammed is joining us after working for several years in Massachusetts politics, most recently as Communications Director and Senior Policy Advisor for State Sen. Jamie Eldridge

“Muslims in America know what it’s like to have fewer rights than others. We know what it’s like to be on government lists, be viewed with suspicion, and to have entire communities be under mass surveillance. We will continue to be the targets of systemic bigotry unless we have a voice in the rooms where public policy is decided. It’s not a coincidence that we still have laws in our country that specifically target us with government-sanctioned abuse, nor is it accidental that many establishment media members harass Muslim community leaders and elected officials.

These things happen because people in power realize our immense potential as a community, and have tried to keep us from being engaged in politics unless we’re forced to be on the defensive or willing to be tokenized.

This is a scary time in our nation. The threat of true authoritarianism has awakened marginalized communities like ours, and I’m convinced that we will rise up out of this dark era a stronger society if Muslims are leading the effort.”

– Mohammed Missouri


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