Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

As Ramadan comes to an end, I pray that you are able to celebrate this holy holiday with joy and surrounded with love.

Every Muslim deserves to be in a position where they can pray safely, dress up, spend time with loved ones, and live a dignified life.

With that in mind, my thoughts are with our Muslim family who are enduring extreme suffering and oppression by racist governments – in China, India, Yemen, Palestine, and elsewhere.

The last few days, it has been especially heartbreaking to see Palestinians brutalized and displaced by Israeli forces and settlers with the unequivocal support of the Biden administration.

Apparently, neither war crimes nor violence by Israeli settlers will change President Biden’s objection to the right of Palestinians to resist ethnic cleansing. I am heartened that despite the violent stance of most U.S. lawmakers, a change is happening on this issue. Representatives Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Andre Carson put out one of the strongest statements ever made by members of Congress on America’s Palestine policy:

“For decades, we have paid lip service to a Palestinian state, while land seizures, settlement expansion, and forced displacement continue, making a future home for Palestinians more and more out of reach.”

Although the majority of U.S. lawmakers remain firmly supportive of Israel’s apartheid, the presence of Reps Omar, Tlaib, and Carson, and an increase of Muslim and Arab congressional staffers and public advocates, is moving more lawmakers to demand freedom for Palestinians. The narrative in the media is also changing with Mehdi Hasan (MSNBC) challenging apartheid apologists on his show and Ayman Mohyeldin (MSNBC) having Palestinian residents on his show to share their perspective. These are just some examples of our community’s increased courageous representation.

We are far away from justice, but times are changing for the better because of greater Muslim representation in politics and media. We are deeply committed to continue increasing our representation, and to always advocate for the peace and dignity of all Muslims everywhere.

None of us are free until we are all free from oppression.


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