Jetpac Inc is here to make political action easy.

Our team comes from the political world, with deep experience in education and technology. Having repeatedly secured Muslim leaders’ election to key public offices, we know what it takes to win grassroots elections in America, with an emphasis on the local level.

Nadeem Mazen

President, Co-Founder, and Massachusetts’ first Muslim elected official, Nadeem started Jetpac to provide education and resources for Muslim candidates and allies, so that they too can represent and serve their communities.

Shaun Kennedy

Executive Director and Co-Founder, Shaun served as Nadeem’s Campaign Manager in 2015 and co-founded Jetpac to help ensure fair representation of minority communities at all levels of government.

Kanwal Haq

Director of Development and Outreach Coordinator, Kanwal joined Jetpac to translate her postgraduate studies into organizing practice, working to alleviate gaps in the democratic process.

Lizzie Devane

A manager and published author who has worked for Harvard University and a MacArthur fellow, Lizzie is Jetpac’s Communications Director. She wants to make civics accessible and exciting, while empowering minority groups.

Molly LaFlesh

Molly is a professional scheduler and events planner who serves as Jetpac’s Events Coordinator. A published writer, Molly holds a BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College.

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