Activating the American Muslim Political Engine

Jetpac is the only nonprofit training American Muslims to run for office. Set up your monthly recurring donation to activate our political engine, and secure a seat at the table for marginalized communities.

Founded in 2015 by then Cambridge City Councillor Nadeem Mazen, after a historic re-election campaign, Jetpac’s mission is to advance American Muslim leadership and engagement in political advocacy. Our hallmark Public Service Fellowship Program, taught by Jetpac’s co-founder and Executive Director, Shaun Kennedy, is a 6-week intensive consultancy that delivers one-on-one advice and training to community leaders interested in running for office.

Nadeem and Shaun are experts in minority civic engagement, and innovators in digital, political, and social engagement of underrepresented communities. While Jetpac focuses on working with the Muslim community—as one of America’s most targeted minority groups—the Jetpac Fellowship is open to altruists of all backgrounds.

We believe that securing fair representation for marginalized communities will lead to a brighter future for our nation, and will strengthen the ideals of freedom, liberty, and happiness that the United States of America was founded upon.

By setting up a monthly donation, you’re fuelling our important work and taking Jetpac to the next level.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Congresswoman from MI-13

Dr. Mohammad Dar

Candidate for Congress 2020

Jetpac Fellow 2019

Tahirah Amatul-Wadud

Candidate for Congress 2018

Jetpac Fellow 2018

Ahmad Zahra

Fullerton (CA) City Councilor

Jetpac Fellow 2018

Sarah Khatib

Walpole (MA) Planning Board

Jetpac Fellow 2017

Jetpac’s Public Service Fellowship is a unique, 6-week program that teaches prospective candidates everything they need to know to win elections. This one-on-one training is offered free of charge and is fully customizable to account for the broad diversity of applicants. Our expert staff mentor organizers and community leaders of all levels—whether they are seeking local, state, or national level offices.

The Fellowship covers aspects of political campaigning including setting up a campaign infrastructure, finding donor backing and peer-to-peer fundraising, canvassing and ground game techniques, and digital outreach strategies. Jetpac has trained 33 altruistic organizers since 2017, and 13 have gone on to win their elections. More are ready to run, and even those who are not successful in their bids for office have a huge impact on their communities.

There are currently 75 people on the waitlist for this program. With your support as a monthly donor, we’ll be able to scale our operation and increase our capacity to elevate these leaders.