Jetpac Fellows Organizing Against Islamophobes

Jetpac Fellows Organizing Against Islamophobes

Islamophobic candidates seeking office very often go unnoticed and unchallenged by our community. This week, however, the story was different thanks to a Jetpac Fellow!

A few days ago, one of our Jetpac Fellows discovered that Eva Montibello –- a declared Trump supporter and Islamophobe – announced her candidacy for the Democratic party primary in the 3rd Essex special election.

Equipped with Jetpac’s organizing training and astute to the civic process, our Fellow took initiative and prepared to organize against the anti-Muslim, pro-Trump candidate. As they began investigating Montibello’s candidacy and preparing to challenge her nomination papers, the Secretary of the Commonwealth discovered errors in Montibello’s nomination filing – thus disqualifying her as a candidate.

This is a big win for MA and the 3rd Essex District. It is also the type of engagement and leadership Jetpac envisions for the American Muslim community. We are actively training Muslims and allies on the civic process, and underscoring the importance of our community to be vigilant of who’s running in their towns.

If you want to help Jetpac train organizers to do this important work, please, set up a recurring donation today!

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